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How are we all doing?
I’ve been a little quiet on my emails & blogs over the past few weeks as I have adopted a new day job of painter, decorator and project manager as we made a big start on our new Lean Body HQ!!
If you follow us on Social Media no doubt you’ve seen some of the transformation videos, it’s all coming along really well and we have got so much done in a short space of time 😀
Over the next week it’s the hard part of all the finishing touches, making sure everything comes together to reveal Stockport’s new 5* Fitness Facility – that’s committed to helping you achieve results, provide a high quality gym for you to train in, relax & grab a coffee, some healthy food & treats and somewhere you can take a shower after your session – all complete with hair & make up stations for the ladies 😉
I literally can’t wait to open the doors now and get everyone in, we’ll be opening on Tues 2nd May when we launch our next body transformation program (you can sign up here for 28 days or 12 weeks) – it’s going to  be so good! 💜👏🏼
I posted something earlier on Facebook [@leanbodyli] after watching a video of Kate Middleton talking to Prince William & Prince Harry about opening up following the loss of Diana…
As most of you will know, I lost my cousin Cain in September who passed away suddenly in his sleep. It’s not until this happened that I truley understood the pain of losing someone and although it has been very, very hard I have also found inner strength and found out things about myself that i never knew before
I also have learnt how to deal with emotions and face obstacles better
to get over struggles
to stop myself from hitting a negative spiral
Following the transition of full time work to being self employed I have gained just short of 3 stone through bad habits and excessive wine tasting 😜
I started my 90 day mind & body transformation at the beginning of March and now 7 weeks into it I am a more confident and focused person than ever before
Yes, I am still aiming for my long term goal but by ditching the bad habits and adopting better choices I have dropped at least a dress size (my pants are hanging off me!) and I have finally began to love myself again
If you don’t love yourself then no one is going to do it for you
I haven’t trained in over 2 weeks as it’s been full on at the new gym, working long days – but this has still kept me physically moving around so i am counting this as being more active than my usual sat on my laptop all day moments..
I have confidence back that I lost. I can dress in clothes that have been hanging in my wardrobe for months, abandoned because I got too big to wear them
Every day I look in the mirror and I look/feel less bloated. My double chin is continuing to disappear. and my arms fit better into my slim fit jackets 👌🏼
One of the things I put down to my success so far is something simple. TALKING
I started doing my videos daily, they will be back I promise! but through talking about how I was feeling has helped me overcome deep emotions that I would usually let bother me and get me down
So my #MondayMantra this week is to encourage you to talk. It’s OKAY not to be OKAY. Its OKAY to talk
Talking releases emotions. Built up emotions that can often create negative energy
So release them
Whatever it is that bothers you or gets you down don’t be afraid to talk
If it’s anything to do with your health or weight loss journey then drop me an email and let’s see if we can help you
we have body transformation programs that run from our facility in Stockport and we also provide them online
Keep your eyes peeled for the launch party of the new Lean Body HQ opening in Stockport!!
Have a great day,
Li x
PS: here is a pic of me this weekend wearing a jacket that was WAY to tight for me when my cousin bought it me in Feb.  Now it fits lovely – thanks Em 😘
Lean Body Li



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